Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rainbow Falls

I am loving it here in Colorado! I can't even tell you how beautiful it is out here and how much fun we have been having since we got here. I can, however, show you some pictures from are recent trip to Rainbow Falls.

Some people seem to think the graffitti is an eyesore but I happen to think its beautiful. It adds such an interesting feel to the falls.

Besides, how can anything be an eyesore with that in view? Lovely!

Snuggle Bug found it all very interesting. The water was particularly fun for her to splash her hands in.

"No!" was what she was telling me each time I tried to help her. Ah, toddlers.

Even I decided to get in on the fun and hop in the water.

It was COLD!

We had such a great morning! Other families were there throwing frisbees around, enjoying picnics and just taking in the scene views. We will definately be going there again!