Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I cannot believe this....

Oh my. Let me tell you all it has been quite a time these last few weeks. The hubby was scheduled to get home on the 1st of October thus ending this awful 12 month deployment. That then was pushed back to the 3rd of October. He got to his first stop in Europe late Saturday which means you would think that today, Wednesday the 7th, that he would be home with his family. NOPE! Saturday rolls around and the landing gear on their plane breaks….but that doesn’t mean they get a new plane. That means they get to wait for the new part to come in. The part finally gets there, the plane is fixed and last night I was getting phone calls about the welcome ceremony that should have taken place at 5am this morning. I use the word SHOULD because last night I get a phone call letting me know that the hubbies plane as been turned around…..they lost one of their engines. Now they are going to have to wait at least 3 to 4 days minimum while the plane is fixed. They have other planes there but they are all scheduled for other missions. These are the only guys not home yet. Everyone else is back….and I mean everyone. I have no more friends because they are all with their husbands now. It is so hard to see everyone happily enjoying their families and here I sit alone. Every time I get my hopes up and believe that he is coming home he doesn’t make it back. Something always seems to happen. I feel like crap right now and I’m trying to stay positive but I don’t understand why they won’t find another way to get them home. I mean it may be a very small group but they still have families who have been waiting a very long time. At this point I don’t think this will ever end.


  1. Oh dear.. I'm so sorry your going through this. As if 12 months isn't long enough! Geesh.... get these men home! He'll get here, the best things are worth waiting for!

  2. Oh sweetie! I hope he's home by now!

    hugs for you...