Friday, December 10, 2010

What a semester!

I'm almost done with my first semester at the University of Colorado! I have finals next week and then its time for winter break!

It has been so different being back on campus after so many years away, but this semester has been a good experience. I've made some new friends, gained a wonderful mentor, and learned that there are amazing professors out there and some who will push their personal beliefs on you all semester until you want to lose your mind. I got knocked down and built back up and its been really good for me.

Snuggle Bug absolutely loves her daycare and talks about her friends all the time. She is really thriving, learning a ton and loves being around her peers. Four months later and I still hate dropping her off each morning. I'm glad she is happy but I feel like I am missing so much and it still breaks my heart. I just remind myself that i'm doing this for her so I can provide her with a better life.

Now it times to study for finals and get ready for a wonderful holiday season. The hubby's mom and two brothers are coming out along with his brother's two kiddos. I'm going to have a full house this Christmas!

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