Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birthday Surprises!!

Wow! This weekend shaped up to be one of the busiest most impromptu weekends I’ve had in ages!

My mom turned 50 this Sunday and my brother and I had spent weeks trying to figure out the best possible gift to give our mom for this birthday because we wanted to make it really good. Mom has been under a lot of stress recently. She works a stressful job with long hours and my grandmother, who has been deteriorating mentally, recently got into a car accident. While she is physically fine her car it totaled and she doesn’t know how to handle not having a car.

So Friday afternoon my brother and I were joking about how awesome it would be if I could just be there for her birthday and how we could put me in a big box on mom’s porch and I’d jump out and surprise her. That’s when my practical thinking sister in law says, “Well, why can’t you?” First thing Saturday morning I was on a plane to Texas!

We did actually put me on the porch in a box, I popped out and my mom cried she was so surprised. We went and got a ton of decorations and decorated her apartment, got her a cake, took her out to dinner and played board games. It was so much fun but the trip was just too short! I was back home by Monday morning (thanks to my awesome brother and sister in law for driving me to the airport at 4am!) and was doing makeup for two different photo shoots at 12pm and 4pm.

I’m so tired from the trip that I think it’s going to take me a while to get back my energy! Now off to clean this house and make some cupcakes for my wonderful family!

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