Monday, April 2, 2012

Settling In

What a busy time it’s been!
The move went well and we’re finally finishing up the unpacking. It went a little slower than usual because we all got sick a few days after getting here but we shook it off and are doing much better.
Here is our lovely little house!

Isn’t it nice?

It isn't any smaller than our last place but everything just feels a bit more narrow and there is much less storage so it has been a little tricky making everything fit the way I want it to.
Mother in Law came out for our first weekend in town and it was very nice having some extra help with Snuggle Bug while we unpacked. This place is finally starting to feel like home but I’m sure I’ll be doing plenty of rearranging in the weeks and months to come before I get things just right.
The hubby is back at work today and it’s nice to finally get onto a normal schedule again. Snuggle Bug is having breakfast, I’ve had my coffee and I’ve gotten the pot roast into the crock pot so things finally feel normal again. What should we do today?

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