Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm back in action!

Wow! I have been MIA for sometime now, haven’t I? I’ve been meaning to update and post but with school, Snuggle Bug and life in general the time has just gotten away from me.

I’m happy to report we’ve got a little more than month left until the hubby comes home…..yay!!! I feel like I’ve been waiting on this forever. So in preparation I’m looking for a new dress for myself and Snuggle Bug, trying to get the house ready and pulling out my recipes so I can cook up a welcome up feast soon. I have to admit it feels like the time is slowing but I had a feeling it would once we go this close.

Hmmm, I’d love to give an update of all the wonderful fun things I’ve been doing this summer while I haven’t posted. But honestly I don’t know that I’ve got many interesting stories at this point. Snuggle Bug and I have been enjoying a quiet and peaceful summer to ourselves really. She took her first steps…..finally……a few weeks ago. I was beyond excited! Of course she hasn’t taken anymore since. I talked to her doctor last week and she said she wasn’t worried and that it sounded like she was just waiting on her daddy to walk given her history. She waited to stand and cruise until he was home on his R&R and I’m pretty sure she is waiting to walk until she gets her daddy back. Kind of a toddler protest I suppose.

I haven’t been too terribly creative as of late. But I did do an abstract work not too long ago…..

I was feeling a torrent of emotions while doing that one. It kind of represents my anger and frustrations that transform into enlightening and then peace. It makes sense to me anyway lol. There has been talk of a move in the works and I’m so ready. We’re just waiting to find out exactly where. But the point is…..we’re moving!! Yay!!! I’ve been doing the happy dance ever since I found I was no longer sentenced to years in a Midwestern exile. It has brought a lot of peace to my life I have to say.

Well, I suppose that will have to do for now but I promise to start posting more regularly with all the details of getting our wonderful soldier home!

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  1. So happy for you, your hubby is coming home soon!