Friday, September 4, 2009

Crafty Night! - Part Two

Tonight is yet another crafty night! I ran to the store today with a few ideas in my head and a small budget and I’m so pleased with the outcome!

Last week a friend of mine gave me a pair of shoes that had been sent to her. They were just a basic pair of white sneakers that had been bought from a garage sale. She didn’t want them so they made their way to me. They had a lot of potential!

After a swim in some pink dye and new laces….

Tada! Aren’t they adorable? For a grand total of $3 bucks for the dye and ribbon Snuggle Bug has an adorable pair of pink sneakers!

Then we move on to the basic white bodysuit/onesie….

I got a pack of 5 for $11 dollars. Three of them went into a dye bath (you’ll see those in my next post!) and two stayed white. With the help of an iron on appliqué…..

Simple and adorable! I went ahead and sewed the appliqué down as well just for added strength since this is for a toddler.

Then, after picking through a fabric remnant bin, I found some lovely lavender material and a polka dot material (you’ll see the polka dot in a later post because I’m still not sure what to use it for) and…..

Snuggle Bug got a simple pair of winter sweat pants! These are the pants as they are now and tomorrow I’ll be embellishing them with something girly. I still haven’t decided what…any ideas?

Well, that was tonight’s crafty journey and there is more to come!

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  1. A DOR A BLE! Your very creative. I love creativity
    on a budget!