Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where is that chicken noodle soup?

Oh my! This week cold cereal tiredness developed into full blown sick. I knew something was up because I was just so tired and then Wednesday night I lay in bed all night hugging a trashcan. First came the tiredness, sore throat, sick feeling then came the fever, chills, sweating and all over awful feelings. It was one rough night. Thursday morning came and I lay in bed wondering how I would make it down the stairs with Snuggle Bug to make her breakfast and get her ready for the day. I managed to get up the energy to get her diaper changed a basic breakfast of cut up bananas and a cereal bar made before I collapsed on our couch. Thankfully I have been blessed with a friend who came to my rescue. As soon as she knew I was ill she was at my house with a gallon of Gatorade, crackers and a bottle of ginger ale. Thank goodness, because I had nothing in the house to drink except milk, soda and juice all of which would have been way too gross to drink while sick. She ended up taking Snuggle Bug out for a few hours so I could sleep and rest without worrying about keeping an eye on my ever precocious toddler.

Thursday night my fever finally broke and I when I would have probably gotten a decent night sleep I was up every four hours. Why? Because my poor little Snuggle Bug had a fever and congestion. I knew the instant she was brought home that something was up because the poor thing just looked pale and tired. But thankfully her fever has gone down and despite a grouchy day today she seems to be doing well. I’m still fairly tired at the moment but I’m hoping to be back to normal soon. I’ve just got so much around the house that needs to be done. Pheeewwwww…..what a week!

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  1. So glad your feeling better. I just hate the flu! Hopefully snuggle bug stays well. What a wonderful friend you have!