Monday, January 16, 2012


It feels like we just here to Colorado and it’s already time to leave. The hubby got orders to Fort Irwin, CA so that is where we’ll be heading in just 7 short weeks. The plus side is it’ll make trips to see his family much easier and the downside is we’ll be in the middle of the desert.

I’ve been in hyper drive mode since we found out. There is so much to get done. March seems like it is so far away and yet right around the corner. I’ve got to get to the optometrist and get new glasses and contacts, get through Snuggle Bug’s birthday and get her an updated physical and TB test for the preschool there, get the dogs to the vet and we’re still waiting on the hubby to get his official orders so we can get on the housing list and schedule things with transportation. There is more to that list but I’m just not thinking clearly at the moment.

Oh and I scheduled our “big” ultrasound…..February 9th and hopefully we’ll find out what we’re having!

Honestly, I’m really sad we’re leaving. Our time in Colorado has been absolutely amazing. We’ve met some great people, had so much fun, Snuggle Bug loves her preschool, I love my university…’s hard to say goodbye. But such is the nature of the hubby’s job. I’m sure California will prove to be just as fun as Colorado if not more. It’s all about a positive attitude!

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  1. Good luck! I LOVE your positive attitude!!! Be sure to keep it, because many wives are sadly lacking in that department! HOOAH!!!

    Looks like we might be moving too...a year early. *sad face* No clue where or when, but probably this summer. Italy is so amazing and I'm getting jipped out of a year! But we might be going to Belgium and that's pretty sweet too! We'll see...