Monday, March 2, 2009

Definately Monday

This morning began with a rough start. I woke up at 8:30am right when Snuggle Bug was waking up or at least when she finally decided to let me know she was awake. She likes to play in her crib for a little while most mornings. I brought her a bottle and let her hang out in her crib while I quickly got dressed. Got her dressed, let the dogs out, started my coffee and gave her breakfast and was ready to get to my errands by around 9:30am. For some reason neither of my dogs wanted to cooperate with me today. I swear, I actually have three children but two of them are covered in fur. When I leave the house I usually put them up in the laundry room so they won’t tear anything up, get on the furniture or have any accidents. For some reason they did not want to go in there. 30 minutes later I finally got them to go in and was ready to get Snuggle Bug in the car and be on my way. I start to back out of the garage and….wham! I hit the lawn mower. I have backed out of the garage 100 times and today is the day I hit the lawn mower. So I pull back in to survey the damage of the lawn mower. Bent wheel, nothing terrible. Luckily the hubby isn’t here or I’d never hear the end of it. Pull out again…..wait, where is my cell phone? I pull back into the garage, run inside and grab my phone. FINALLY at half past 10am I’m my way to run my errands. Now, here I am back home, grocery shopping done, ran by the pharmacy and the post office. What a morning.

Oh yeah, it’s Meal Plan Monday:

Monday – Fried Chicken w/ mashed potatoes
Tuesday – Broccoli and cheese quiche
Wednesday – Fish Tacos w/ rice
Thursday – Bulgogi w/ white rice
Friday – Spaghetti
Saturday – Korean Sushi (kimbap or gimbap)
Sunday – Take Out
Monday – Grilled Flank steak w/ gorgonzola sauce

If you can’t tell, I’m on a bit of a Korean kick this week and I’m going to try out a few new recipes. The hubby spent some time in Korea so he is always asking me to try to find some “authentic” style recipes. We’ll see how they turn out.

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