Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Little Night Owl

I have always been a night owl by nature. Since I was young I’ve always had the most energy at night. My mother is the same way and as I think I said in another entry, it isn’t uncommon for me to give her a call at 1am to find her still awake and working around the house. I think Snuggle Bug has gotten this gene. I decided to call it an “early” night and began getting ready for bed around 12:30am last night. I crawl into bed and begin hearing strange noises. Banging and rustling. Some jingling then some muffled talking. I get out of bed and start looking for the sound and as I poke my head around Snuggle Bugs door there she is playing with her Daddy Doll and talking to him. I think she has full conversations with him some days. The banging I heard? Snuggle Bug kicking her feet against the side of the crib and into the mattress. The jingling? A soft Eeyore doll that has a little bell on the inside of it. The instant she saw me she gave me a huge grin and then continued playing and talking to her daddy doll. I think I’m going to have a night owl on my hands. Speaking of, she is throwing one of her lovely toddler fits so I’m going to have to cut this short.

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