Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Have Sprouts!!

We have sprouts!! Yay! For me, not killing something right off the bat is a good thing. It looks like these little guys may have a fighting chance against my black thumb of death.

My last grocery shopping trip I spotted a planting kit that was only $10 bucks. At that price I figured, “Why not?” and if they died or didn’t even sprout I could just use the little planting tin for something else. The kit came with seeds for mini tomatoes, lettuce and sweet peppers and everything else you needed including these cool soil “tablets” that expand when you add water. I planted it all the day Monday using the pepper and tomato seeds but substituting basil seeds in place of the lettuce. Then I sat it in on my window sill inside and have watered it daily. Here it is Sunday and we’ve got sprouts!!

The tomatoes are planted on the left, the basil in the middle and the sweet pepper on the right. Looks like the tomatos and the sweet peppers are working out well but my bright idea to substitute my own basil seeds may not have been a winner.

There is a close up of my little sprouts.

So, we'll see if these little guys live through the next couple of weeks and turn into vegetables! I'll be posting updates about their fate as we go.

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