Monday, July 6, 2009 banging my head into a wall.

I don’t really know what else to say honestly. The day started off fine. We went to the grocery store and came in a dollar under budget, which was great. It is always a good feeling when I hit the mark and walk out with everything we need for the week. Yay!

Snuggle Bug has hit that point where she is into everything so today I decided it’d be a good idea to get some cabinet latches, just so that she couldn’t open up the cabinets and get into my baking supplies and stuff she doesn’t need to be in. Seems like an easy enough task, right? Wrong. Very very wrong. I read the directions, laid out the contents of the box and got everything I was supposed to need for installation…a simple screwdriver. Ha. I sat down and marked out where the screws were supposed to go. They wouldn’t go in. Of course not. They are cheap piddly little screws that have no real point to them. I fought with those things for a while and even tried different screws I had but to no avail. The angle I was trying to screw them in at didn’t help I’m sure. In my madness I even tried superglue. Then I went to google to see if it had any answers. There I found numerous videos of people effortlessly installing their cabinet latches. Screw here, there, five minutes later a safe cabinet without breaking a sweat. Grrrr. Then the video of someone pre drilling the hole. Duh. I ran to the garage, got the drill, something I’ve used on more than one occasion and put on the drill bit and began drilling my pilot holes. First hole complete….yay! Second hole…snap. Yes folks the drill bit broke off. Are you kidding me?? So the drill bit has been removed, the holes filled and no evidence of my fight to child proof my home. Now I’ve got to find a way to use these latches or find a better brand….preferably one that isn’t parent proof.

Oh yeah and the cherry on top? I’m taking care of a car for the hubby’s friend who is deployed with him. I try to start the car once a week or so and move it up and down the driveway since I can’t really drive it too much because I don’t have a third car seat and we already have two cars. But I do try to take good care of it, start it, make sure everything is good to go and all that. I go out there today to do my car shuffling and… click click……the battery is dead. I started that car a week ago and it was fine and here we are a week later and it won’t start. My Toyota sat for almost 4 months and started up just fine when the next time I pulled I took it out for a drive. So I got online and looked up that car model and why it would be dead after a week of sitting. Turns out this particular car model likes to do this. I read through many stories of people whose car battery would die after sitting no more than a few days. Of course.

My mantra for the day to keep me sane….”its all good.” If I remind myself to be positive then I won’t lose my mind.

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  1. I remember the childproofing days. My hubby had a heck of a time installing those latches.. for the very same reason. I think the electric outlet covers are about the easiest thing to do. HA! Hang in there!