Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Little Update

Snuggle Bug is growing up so fast! She pulled herself onto the couch today for the first time. It took some effort and time to figure out the mechanics but low and behold when she figured out she could use a pillow on the floor to boost herself up that seemed to help quite a bit. Oh and her newest word? Cookie. I bought some Kashi chewy oatmeal dark chocolate cookies and gave her a bite of mine. After one bite she showed herself to be an absolute cookie addict, just like her daddy. I know I’ve been a bit slow on my posts lately. I’m in school and one of the classes I’m taking turned out to be a real butt kicker. The instructor seems to be purposely making the course harder than it should be just for the heck of it. Makes it hard for me when I’m already trying to balance things with the hubby gone and Snuggle Bug getting into everything she possibly can. I’ll definitely be trying to update more often though! But for now I need to go and get some more work done for class. Night!

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