Thursday, July 2, 2009


Finally, some motivation! For over a week now I have been dragging to do anything. Running errands, cleaning the house, laundry, homework….it has all required massive amounts of energy that I just have not wanted to give. It is very unlike me because I am usually the queen of clean. But I have felt myself getting overwhelmed watching everything pile up in front of me that rather than fixing it I’ve just been trying to ignore it. Yeah, that didn’t work.

Anyone who knows me knows that when there are dishes sitting in the sink and laundry piled up in the laundry room and bedroom I’m having a bad week. But today I woke up, gave myself a good kick in the butt and started trying to get some stuff done around here. I’ve managed to get all the bathrooms cleaned, kitchen clean, dinner is in the crockpot, working on making a dent in the laundry and I’m actually seeing some progress which is enough to motivate me to keep going. Snuggle Bug must notice the difference in me too because she has been in a wonderful mood today, which I cannot say for the past few days.

Hubby FINALLY got his father’s day package yesterday and talk about late! But at least it made it there.

Here is a little peek of what he got…..

I also added some snacks and things that I know he enjoys. I sent his 4th of July package earlier this week and I know that will be late too but it is a very important package. The 4th of July is his absolute favorite holiday. He waits all year for that day and runs around like a kid on Christmas. Why is this? Because the 4th of July is the day he gets to indulge his inner pyro. He learned from his father and has been doing fireworks professionally whenever he gets the chance, which with his job is very rarely, usually once a year. So we both look forward to our trip to California in July to spend time with his family and for him to have some fun. I’ll post a picture of that box as soon as he gets it, so in a few weeks I guess.

Well, there is my update and I need to get off my bum and get back to my chores!


  1. I have those days of having no energy for anything either! lol That's a great Father's Day box, I bet he went nuts when he saw all those fun things!

  2. Glad your feeling more energy.. I think we all go through these patterns sometimes. Happy 4th!