Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Baking

I absolutely love holiday baking! I must go through bags of flour, sugar, eggs and milk this time of year. But there is something so special about turning on some Christmas music, putting on my apron and spending time baking yummy treats for the people I love. Tonight I made the classic Christmas treat, Gingerbread….yum!

Here is Snuggle Bug decorating her very first gingerbread cookie! Its in the shape of a Christmas tree but she decided on yellow icing.
But she decided later on to add in a little green for good measure.
That cookie is looking pretty good! As you can see by her face she had to take a little sample of that green frosting. Gotta make sure it tastes good!

Here are the finished cookies and the hubby and Snuggle Bug decorated. Aren't they cute?
The hubbt decorating. Not too creative but at least I got him to help a bit!
Here are the rest of the finished decorated cookies. I made even more but decided to save the rest to decorate later, closer to Christmas. But these here are for eating NOW! After we were done I sipped some egg nog (no one else likes it but me) and we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas together before Snuggle Bug went to bed. I love Christmas moments like these!

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  1. Snuggle bug.. is such a cutie decorating her cookie.. they turned out great.