Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking Ahead.

How was your Christmas? Mine wasn’t bad! Despite being sick Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I managed to get through it (with the help of DayQuil), make a yummy Christmas meal and enjoy a great Christmas with family and friends. Snuggle Bug made out this year with tons of gifts from the grandma’s, mom & dad and of course Santa. She didn’t fully understand the concept of opening the presents but she isn’t even two yet so I imagine next year she’ll figure it out. She did enjoy watching mommy and daddy open her gifts for her and showing her what she got.

Now I’m in the process of finding new homes for all these toys and preparing for the coming of the New Year which brings about lots of new adventures for our family! Between now and April I’ve got to get this house in top shape because in just a few short months we’re moving to Colorado. I’m so excited for our move and ready to April to get here! After our trip to see the area back in October I’ve been more than ready to pack up and head that way. The area is just beautiful! But until then I’ve got more than enough things on my to do list to keep me occupied all the way into spring. Speaking of that to do list….I should probably get off the computer and start some of it!

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