Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Snuggle Bug!!

Today is Snuggle Bug’s birthday!

I cannot believe two years have gone by! It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant and now my Snuggle Bug is becoming a big girl. It all goes by so quickly!

We spent the last 5 days with family back home and just got in from our long drive last night. Man was I tired. 9+ hours in a car with a toddler can be very exhausting but I will say she did very well. We only had a few minor meltdowns so it could have been much worse. The Hubby was originally planning on going with us but had to make an impromptu trip to Georgia to fix some issues we’ve been having with our rental home there. He was definitely missed.

Since we were there so close to Snuggle bug’s actual birthday my family decided to give her a small birthday party so that we could all celebrate together. It was really nice just being able to relax with family and chat. The trip went by so quickly but I wanted to make sure we made it back today so that we could spend her birthday with the hubby since he missed it last year.

Tonight we’re going to have some well needed family time, play some games, have a yummy dinner and just enjoy a great birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Snuggle Bug!


  1. Happy Birthday Day Snuggle Bug!!!

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