Friday, February 19, 2010

Vomit and Toddlers

Good morning! It is a cold and dreary day today; I’m very ready for spring. Snuggle Bug is sitting next to me having her breakfast after a long evening/night. It started out as a good day, went to the grocery store, played, and cleaned, the usual stuff. Towards the evening I noticed that she was starting to act like she was tired. She kept walking over holding her arms up to be held. I finally decided that she must still be tired and put her down for a small nap before dinner. About 10 minutes later the hubby and I hear her crying and assume she is just annoyed about being put in her crib and figured she would fall asleep shortly. 5 more minutes go by and she is still crying. Hmmm, okay. A few more minutes and we couldn’t stand it anymore so the hubby went upstairs to get her. Suddenly I hear “Liz!!” as I’m in the kitchen making dinner and I drop everything to run upstairs to see what the problem is. I walk into Snuggle Bug’s bedroom and I see it… a very upset two year old covered in vomit and clutching her favorite bunny. Oh my. So I started piling puke stained sheets and crib toys onto a towel before getting Snuggle Bug into the tub. Okay, she is clean and her things are in the wash. We must be good to go, right? Yeah, not so much. I check her for fever and no fever. That’s good at least. She wants to play with her toys. Another good sign. She wasn’t interested in dinner which I assumed was because her stomach was still upset. The hubby and I have our dinner while she plays and life seems good. Then she toddles over to me looking upset and wants a hug. Just as I reach to pick her up, BOOM, vomit. All over my couch. Luckily, very little actually got on her so she only needed a new shirt.

She has puked on me more times than I can count in the last two years. Then add in her pooping, peeing, sneezing, drooling, or wiping her nose on me and I can safely say I’ve been covered in some sort of baby bodily fluid much of the last two years. Ah, the joys of motherhood.

Anyone know how to get vomit out of a couch? I’ve apparently forgotten.


  1. eek. Hope she feels better soon. Vinegar is supposed to take the stink out of stuff, so maybe try that. Hope she feels better soon.

  2. I'm your newest follower...found you on MBC! I'm a military spouse too. And sorry, I don't know how to get vomit out of a couch. Good luck. Nice to meet you.