Thursday, February 4, 2010

Under the weather

Things that make you go awwwwww!

The hubby decided to make her a little place to lay down to watch TV since she doesn't feel well. Aren't they cute?

Snuggle Bug started coughing a few days ago and today my poor baby is just so under the weather. She is tired, has no appetite, and coughed so hard earlier that she threw up a ridiculous amount of snot. Sorry for the description but you get the idea. It is the worst thing in the world when your baby is sick. I just wish that I could do something to make her feel better.

Days like these make me want to call my own mother to say thank you for the countless days and nights she spent worrying about my brother and I when we got sick. Parenthood can really put things into perspective.

I wish I could make this post longer but as I type Snuggle Bug is starting to get a little bit whiney, which means she is probably starting to feel a little bit worse. I really hope this passed quickly so my sweet baby can feel good again!

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