Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Settled

What a busy few weeks this has been with SO many changes! It all started on my birthday when the movers came to pack us up. The next day our stuff was put on a truck and they drove into the sunset. We cleaned and painted and got everything in the house ready to rent and by Monday is was time for us to pack up the car and head to Colorado. The drive wasn't bad, about 8 hours, which is long enoug when you've got two dogs and a toddler in the car with you. Snuggle Bug did very well for being couped up so long actually. Thank goodness for portable DVD players and Elmo. We got to Colorado that evening, checked into our hotel and the next day was the day us to sign for our new house, it was right down the road from our hotel on post so it was pretty convenient. Then we waited....and waited.....and waited... for our stuff to finally arrive. It finally made it to us on Friday. We had days of beautiful sunny warm weather out here and on Friday, of course, we had to get a random snow storm. I felt so bad for the movers having to move in all our stuff in that nasty weather. Those guys really earned their money. The past few days have involved tons of unpacking. Who knew we had so much stuff? Snuggle Bug's room was first on my list because I wanted her to get settled first. The living room is about done, got the curtains hung today, the dining room is unpacked but still a mess and Snuggle Bug's play area is a mess but that is only because she likes to pull out every toy she sees me put away.

So here we are in Colorado. I really like the area so far and I love our house. There's so much to see and do around here and having such a wonderful view of the mountains doesn't hurt either. So thats whats been going on during my blog hiatus. I'm sure there is more I could tell you about but I should probably get back to getting the house together and then start dinner.

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