Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Its meal plan Monday……Wait! No its not.

Yes, I’m a bit behind. My entire weeks schedule has been a bit messed up and I just got to the grocery store today.

This week’s meal plan is:
Monday – Mushroom burger
Tuesday – flounder w/ veggies
Wednesday – Stew
Thursday – black bean burrito
Friday – pasta salad
Saturday – Balsamic chicken w/ baked potato
Sunday – Summer rolls

Yes, there are some repeats on there but since its only Snuggle Bug and I, we eat what sounds good.

I also managed to make it by Hobby Lobby while I was out and pick up some stuff for a few new toy projects for Snuggle Bug. They were also have a sale on wall décor so I had to take advantage!

I love love love vinyl wall quotes!! I think they add so much personality to a home! They had them half off and after eyeballing them for a month I finally broke down and bought one.

I found this "Kitchen" sign on sale and thought it would be perfect for above my stove. I also got one that said "Laundry" for where else but the laundry room!

I could spend so much time and money in that store but luckily I had groceries in the car so I had to make the trip in quick. Well, that was today's activity. Nothing special but gets us out of the house which is always a good thing!


  1. Love the vinyl sign... I have seen those a lot lately, I may have to find room in my home for some. The kitchen sign is super cute too. I too LOVE Hobby Lobby, I have spent a fortune there. Be sure to check their online site for coupons.

  2. Ooohhh coupons. A girl after my own heart lol

  3. Holy crud, I adore Hobby Lobby! lol I could walk around there all day! Congrats on the quote sale, I love when that happens and it looks great!