Sunday, January 3, 2010

Clean Clean Clean

Yes, it is that time again. We’re going to be putting the house back on the market in hopes that it will sell in the next three months. While I’m not holding my breath on that happening I nonetheless have to get this house back in showing shape. Not an easy task with a messy husband, toddler and large dogs. I’ve spent my entire morning cleaning out closets (and wondering how they’ve gotten so bad since the last time I did this), folding laundry and making lists of stuff I need to get things more organized. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the amounts of tiny clutter that can accumulate. I’ve had to put a few of my crafty projects on the back burner for now while I tackle my current project. Sometimes it seems like I’ve got 20 things going at once and I want to do them all at the same time! The sad thing is that I haven’t finished a complete project in ages. The hubby is probably starting to wonder what I do all those hours that I’m working in my craft room. But this gives me time to get my crafting supplies a bit more organized. Right now they are all living in a number of shoe boxes and plastic bags so it is probably time to invest in some better storage options.

In other news the hubby managed to break a fairly expensive camera lens while he was out shooting yesterday and he had that thing all of two months. Apparently the winter weather doesn’t agree with his California boy nature because this is the third time he’s slipped on a patch of ice this winter. Here’s hoping his warranty will cover getting it fixed. He did manage to come home with some lovely pictures of the winter landscape around the area. He’s getting good at this new hobby of his!

Here are a few shots he took……

He found a small ghost town about an hour away from us and he said that the old general store still had stuff in it. How cool is that? I love old towns and buildings because there is just so much history. We're heading to a ghost town a few hours away this Friday and i'll be sure to take my camera along! Okay ladies and gents my break time is over and i'm off to get more done!

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