Monday, January 4, 2010

Dinner and Home Staging

The house smells so yummy right now! I’ve had stew simmering in the crockpot all day and the longer it cooks the better it smells. I’m going to toss some cornbread in the oven before too much longer. Beef Stew and cornbread, now that is a yummy cold day meal! <---I wrote that about three hours ago and it tasted just as yummy as it smelled! I started my blog entry earlier today but got a little distracted with finishing dinner, getting everyone fed and getting the little one into bed. But now the kitchen is clean, the house is quiet and the little one is fast asleep. Time for a little blogging and quiet time before bed.

The meeting with the realtor went well today. He seems like a knowledgeable person who will do a good job. I hope this turns out better than our last attempt at selling this house, 2 showings in a 6 month period…..not good. Tomorrow I’m going to start the staging process but I’m running into one little problem, toys. Everything I read about staging says to put the toys away which is easier said than done with a toddler. Since her bedroom is upstairs it is hard to keep everything up there when we spend most of our day downstairs. Not to mention her bedroom is already overflowing as it is. She is quite a blessed little girl! Staging is pretty tricky when you’re still living in your home. Our house is filled with family photos and special keepsakes that make our house feel like a home. I hate the idea of living in a generic house but if it helps then we’ll do what we have to.

Here is a little home staging inspiration.

Now, how do you get a house to look like that when there is a toddler, two dogs and husband running around?

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