Friday, January 29, 2010

Ghost Towns

Buuuurrrr, is It cold out there! We just got home from spending the day looking at ghost towns in the area and goodness was it interesting.

There was an old 1920s high school with a piano still sitting on their auditorium stage and old tattered curtains hanging in the window. The snow falling through the torn roof made it that much more beautiful and peaceful. Then there was an abandoned building from the 1800s where a few stone walls were still intact. There are probably so many stories that could be told about what happened in those rooms. Another “abandoned” high school that wasn’t as abandoned as we had originally thought. When the hubby walked up the front door he heard music playing inside which was a hint that it may be time to go. Or maybe the goats and pony in behind the school should have been a clue? Maybe the abandoned car or debris? Anyway….Then we stopped in a tiny town to enjoy the looking at the shops and small town atmosphere. While I wandered around the photographer hubby was snapping shots so pictures will be posted very soon. Unfortunately our time ran out too soon and we weren’t able to see everything we would have liked but we had a good time.

I love going to these old places and wondering what the story behind them is. I mean who were the people who used these buildings years ago? Who went to school there or who lived in that old house?

Now I’m completely exhausted so I think tonight’s dinner will be something simple, pasta and garlic bread maybe. Gotta keep this famil fed!


  1. We just had pasta for lunch. Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Ooo visiting a ghost town sounds like fun! It is fun to imagine who used to walk the halls of an abandoned school or what family used to live in a run-down house. You've got me thinking about that school with the piano!
    Great post!

    Stopping by from SITS, hope you had a great weekend!