Sunday, January 3, 2010

Five Minute Craft of the Day!

Does anyone else love pretty storage? Bins, baskets, boxes…..i’m in love with decorative storage! I seem to go through phases. One moment it is baskets, baskets for everything I can see. Then it is plastic storage bins and off I run to the store for plastic storage bins to organize whatever mess is around and now its jars and boxes. I love jars, so perfect for those odds and ends just not big enough for a box or bin.

A little peek into my bathroom closet….

Now it is time for a 5 minute craft project of the day! I went to walmart and purchased a few simple white storage boxes in varying sizes that cost between $7 and $4. Something along the lines of this…

I had planned on buying some stamps for this project but was sad to find that my walmart didn’t sell stamps and the nearest craft store was 30 minutes away and closed on Sunday. Since I’m not the patient type I looked for a new option which ended up being rub on transfers which cost about $2.50 for a pack. I had never used them beforebut I love them now because they are so easy!

Here we have the finished product.

Aren’t they pretty? Five minutes and $13.50 later i've got two adorable boxes to store my scrapbooking supplies! I bought one more box in brown for sewing supplies and I'll probably end up buying a few more before my pretty storage box phase ends. Hmmm, I wonder what is next. Bags maybe? I guess we'll see!

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