Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There Is No Clear Topic In This Post.

Its true. There really is no clear topic in this post so I couldn't think of a more fitting title than just that.

As I type the hubby is sitting at our kitchen table building a computer. I love my computer nerd savvy husband. This isn’t just any old computer either. This is a “super” computer as he puts it. What makes it super? Yeah, I’ve got no idea. But either way I know it’ll come out nicely because he’s got a talent for this kind of stuff. To me, it all looks like a random assortment of wires, bolts and metal bits. Looking into that box I may as well be staring into the human brain. But combined it obviously becomes something pretty darn neat or he wouldn’t be sitting there like a kid with a new toy.

Today was a fairly productive day. Snuggle Bug spent the morning at daycare while I ran to do some errands. Managed to save just about $15 bucks on groceries for the week, go me. I think I’m finally getting the hang of this coupon stuff. Maybe one day I’ll be one of those women who walk into the store and walk out with a cart full of groceries for $10 bucks. It’s pretty impressive I must say but I’ve got a while before I reach that power shopper status. Then I went to Target, 25 miles away in the next town because our town isn’t cool enough for a Target apparently, to get Snuggle Bug a new pair of sneakers. Her tiny feet are FINALLY starting to grow. The kid turns two in less than a month and she is finally wearing size 4 shoes. I blame those itty bitty feet on her late walking. I mean who can walk on such tiny feet; it’s like a balancing act! Then again I suppose all walking is a balancing act. I think I read somewhere that with every step we take we’re just moments away from falling on our face. Something to think about.

In preparation for our impending move we finally managed to get one of the dogs to the vet to get her shots updated and get more of her Heartguard. I feel like such a terrible pet owner because the year the hubby was deployed I wasn’t able to get the dogs to the vet. At that point I refused to put Snuggle Bug in any sort of daycare situation and the dogs are both so big it can be tricky to handle them and a baby. So unfortunately the last year their veterinary care fell by the wayside. On a more positive note, the vet said that Daisy is healthy, but slightly overweight, which we knew. I love that dog but she is so darn lazy. Getting her to get up and play, especially in the cold or heat, is a challenge. She much prefers to lay there and stare at you with those “why are you bothering me you moron?” eyes. Yeah, good dog. Peaches is the next to go in tomorrow and hopefully we’ll get the same positive healthy results from her check up too. She is my sweet, snuggly and extremely hyper little dog. She has a special place in my heart for the fact that she was adopted and returned to the rescue center so many times they were losing hope on her ever finding a forever home. How can you pass up a dog like that? I’ve always had a soft spot for the underdog. But I digress….

Anyway, it’s time for me to make my family a yummy meal! I’m making a tasty and simple balsamic chicken that I’ll be sure to post the recipe for soon. It always comes out great!


  1. I wish I had a computer nerd hubby. I think my computer is on it's last leg and my poor hubby is clueless in that department.

    I'll have to check back for that recipe. I'm kind of in a rut lately!

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