Monday, January 18, 2010

Potty Training

Yes, it’s that time in toddlerhood…potty training. Well, technically, this is potty training take two. A few months ago we started and were making good progress. She peed in the potty twice and seemed to be having a fun time with the entire thing. Then we began traveling, a week in Colorado, two weeks in California. Then the holidays came and went and in all that madness potty training went on the back burner. I really should have tried harder but I just got lost in everything there was to do. But here we are just a few weeks away from Snuggle Bug’s second birthday and it’s time to pull the pink potty out and get started again! Our chart is all ready and by her potty. She LOVES her sticker chart! There is a spot for a sticker each time she goes into the potty, tries to go potty, pulls her pants up and down, washes her hands and so on. Those little colorful stickers make her so proud! The only problem we really had during that time was the problems we had with the pull-ups giving her a rash. She has such sensitive skin it can be tricky to find things that won’t irritate her skin. Do they make cloth pull-ups that are actually absorbent? We attempted the cloth training panties but they were so thin that her first accident soaked all over the place. Needless to say we put those to the side for when she has a bit more bladder control. I guess I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears out for something that will work for us.

It is hard to believe that we’re already at this stage. It seems like time is going buy so quickly and before I know it she’ll be grown! But until then I’m going to enjoy every toddler minute I can with my baby, get every snuggle, every kiss and soak up all the memories. I love being a mommy!


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