Saturday, May 23, 2009

"The Doggy Doesn't Want Your Binkie"

That has been a phrase I’ve been repeating for a few weeks now along with other variations such as “No, the doggy does not need your snack” or “don’t feed that to doggy” or the ever popular “No ma’am, we do not lick the doggy back!” Snuggle Bug has developed a quite an affinity for our dogs as she gets older. I’ve noticed since she was extremely little her love of animals in general. She loves going to the zoo or any other place she can look at different animals. She once spent a good deal of time at a friend’s house chasing their cat and giggling about it.

Lucky for me the dogs are handling it well and getting used to her being more hands on with them. But I’m still being the hovering mother trying to make sure she doesn’t upset them too much.

I’ve been spending a little bit more time sewing in the evenings when Snuggle Bug hits the sack. I’m about finished with a dress for me and then I’m going to start working on a few pairs of pants and a new summer dress for her. I’ll post pictures when I get them all done and looking pretty.

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