Monday, May 11, 2009

Just Another Day

Meal Plan Monday!!

On the menu this week…..

Monday – Ranch chicken w/ mashes potatoes and salad
Tuesday – Mexican night! Tacos w/ Mexican rice and refried beans
Wednesday – Freezer meal, something I can toss in the oven and have ready in 10 minutes.
Thursday – Portabella Mushroom Sandwich w/ avocado dressing and chips.
Friday – Pizza
Saturday –Veggie burgers w/ tater tots
Sunday – Crockpot Stew w/ corn bread

All in all, not a particularly healthy week but sounds yummy none the less. I managed to do some pretty smart shopping and got a good deal of stuff within my budget, even a few treats for myself and Snuggle Bug. I snagged a few coupons last night while I was looking online so that helped a bit as well. Snuggle Bug is getting to the age where grocery shopping is the most boring thing on the face of the earth and she begins to whine about 10 minutes into the trip. I’m running out of things in my diaper bag to give her to keep her occupied. My phone, calculator, grocery list, diapers, wallet and wipes all end up thrown on the floor because she has seen them before. The joys of toddlerhood.

Don’t have a ton on the to do list today, just the usual chores around the class. I woke up feeling hopeful that today will be a fresh start for me, or if anything, I’ll just feel better emotionally. Just have to stay positive. I finished my class last week and managed to get a B despite all the recent distractions. I’ll admit, the overachiever in me was not thrilled with a B, but I’ll take what I can get. Now I’m patiently awaiting payday when I can enroll in my next class, maybe two if I’m feeling ambitious.

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