Saturday, May 9, 2009


There is no one here that I trust. That is probably one of the most difficult parts of this lifestyle. Each time you move, you've got to find a new set of friends and build new relationships. Sadly, after two years here I've had very bad luck with friendships. Each time i've trusted someone they have ended up screwing me over in the end. Today I went to meet two friends at the zoo so that Snuggle Bug and I could get some time out of the house and to enjoy the weather. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Since they live close to each other they chose to carpool and I was going to meet them there. Well my morning ended up being a little hectic and I sent her a text letting her know that I was runnng a little last but Id be leaving in 10 minutes and its a 20 minute drive to get there. She said "Thats fine, we're running a little late too." So I assumed all was good. I send her a text at a stop light letting her know "We're almost there." I get to the zoo and Snuggle Bug and I are sitting there waiting. 10 minutes later I send a text asking where they are. They were at the store buying a camera. They didn't show up until 30 minutes later and by that point Snuggle Bug and I went ahead and went in and walked around. I jokingly said "about time" to which they replied "well you were the one who said you were going to be late....." Ugh. 10 minutes late doesn't mean make me wait in the parking lot for 30 minutes. I know I know, silly thing to be annoyed about. I think it just culminates in my desire to have friends that I really have a lot in common with and not just friends for the sake of having friends. Back in GA, I had two very good friends that I adored. I trusted them completely and loved hanging out with them. Back home in TX, I had tons of friends who were awesome, great to hang out with people. They had my back through anything. Here? I know a handful of people that I have lunch with sometimes and we chat about mommy things. I just miss having people I trust around me.

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