Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zoo Trip

I almost forgot...Snuggle Bug and I went to the zoo on Saturday and I've got to post the pictures of my happy girl!

She loved the goats! This one in particular was very fond of her! I'm sure it helped that I spent about two dollars on those food pellets they sell. At one point she leaned over and tried to give the goat a kiss, so cute!

She wants to walk so badly! But her little feet are so tiny she just can't seem to get her balance. Whenever she sees kids her age walking or running around playing I can see it on her face that she wants to go run and play with them. We're working on it so hopefully soon she'll be up and running like her little playmates.

Trust me, there is a big old smile behind that binky!

I didn't get a lot of good pictures from this trip because I forgot my camera so I had to ask my friend to snap a few shots.