Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making It a Home...

See that bench? I made it! I know, I know...not that special but i'm proud none the less lol. Drawing from my old school theatre techie roots, I went into the garage one afternoon and began to look through our pile of scrapwood. After measuring, cutting (did I mention I LOVE power tools?) and putting that sucker together I have a garden bench! Its still missing something though, lacking pizazz...any ideas?

This may not look like much, but a few months ago this was a pile of dirt, weeds and leaves surrounding our back porch. I turned the soil, planted some flowers and shrubs, put down a weed filter and then topped it off with pine bark. It looks so much nicer now! I'm thinking about adding some bright flowers around it too, just for some added color.
I also made a new flower bed our by the back fence but its still a work in progress so i'll show that when it is done and all pretty. Ideas are always welcomed!

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